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Clay court for Juniors:

110€ from 15th April - 31st September
80€ from 01st July - 31st September

Clay court for Adults:

205€ from 15th April - 31st September
140€ from 01st July - 31st September

The rules are easy. We count with 8 clay courts (2 w/lights at no extra cost) and you can practice as much as you want. If you've already played few hours and there are some members waiting on line then you will be asked to let the waiting members play. That doesn't usually happen before 5pm though.

The reason why we welcome juniors and pro's is simple. We enjoy and support quality tennis and at the same time hope our kids could use watching you practice/play as a motivation source for their own tennis.

If you wish to play indoors or need accommodation, we work together with the Hotel Regent and can get you great rates!!